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Natural-product new drug

Natural-product is produced either by developing a new drug, using extracts from natural products that are known for their treatment effects based on the long-term experiences and practices of traditional medicine, or by developing a drug using prescriptions of traditional medicine that are data based.

Most new natural-product developments have been based on using phytochemicals (plant-based chemicals, plant chemistry) in order to extract substances only for pigments, food additives, spices, perfumes, or air-fresheners. However, newly-developing movements for natural-product drugs are beginning to focus on the substances, such as flavonoids, contained abundantly in apples, grapes or tangerines, capsaicin, one component of peppers and black peppers, and saponins, contained in ginsengs, soybeans, garlic, onions, and a variety of bean family plants.


◎ Ongoing new natural-product medicine research at the Central Research Institute of KMS PHARM.
    - Hyperlipidemia-treatment research and development is in progress, utilizing herbal medicine
    - Long-term Project : Research and Development of anti-carcinogenic natural products is in progress

Improved new drug
  Improved new drugs (a.k.a. super generic drugs) are newly-improved pre-existing drugs by using the technologies of SMEDDS (Self Micro-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System) or DDS (Drug Delivery System), such as controlled-release drug delivery systems. Currently, KMS PHARM research team is working on a project to develop a drug that will have maximized treatment effects and at the same time minimized adverse reaction in relation to its small amount by increasing the internal body absorption rate, using SMEDDS.

In addition, KMS PHARM research team is also making an effort to develop methods that can control the Release Time, which is a key factor of one method of controlled-release in drug delivery systems, Time-Release Technique (Delayed Release, Repeat Action, Sustained Release, Controlled Release etc). The team focuses on achieving the maximum effects of the drug by controlling release time.

◎ Ongoing improved new-medicine research at the Central Research Institute of KMS PHARM.?
    - Simvastatin SMEDDS material development and research
    - Felodipine western material development and research
    - Dexibuprofen SMEDDS material development and research

Biological Drug

A biological drug is a substance that is derived from a living organism, its products or a material similarly synthesized, and therefore, consequently those whose threshold level and safety are not adequately evaluated by physical and chemical tests only. Currently, KMS PHARM is working on a project to develop a new drug that will have a treatment effect by acting on growth, cleavage, and division, just as a part of the body through genetic modifications, using growth factor.?

Generic Drug

On-going Generic medicine research at the central research institute of KMS PHARM

◎ Anti-diabetes concomitant treatment
    - Glimepiride material development and research

◎ Antitussives : Expectorants
    - Erdosteine : material development and research

◎ Arthritis treatment
    - Meloxicam : material development and research

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