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CEO Greetings
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Since its foundation in 1997, KMS PHARM CO., LTD. has devoted itself to producing high-quality medicine on the basis of our business principles: ‘leading business by new-medicine developing technologies’.

In the belief that keeping people healthy is the duty of KMS PHARM, KMS PHARM and its whole family are doing their best, pursuing a world in which healthy longevity and social and national health have been accomplished. KMS PHARM by
having successfully accomplished a whole production line in compliance with KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice), has provided excellent and close-to-perfect quality medicines to our people and has been maturing to become a leading business that opens up a prosperous 21st-century world.

KMS PHARM has also officially accomplished all its business line standardization by acquiring the 'ISO 9001 certificate’ in April 2001, and by being appointed as ‘promising small & medium business in Gyeonggi-do,’ ‘'INNO-BIZ business,’ and ‘small & medium business with promising export’. It has been highly praised for its competitiveness in technology and future-orientation as well as an innovative technology–oriented business.

The 6 years of close cooperation with the pharmacology department in Sungkyunkwan University, industry-academic cooperation, has borne fruit. KMS PHARM has succeeded in the development research and maximized its bio-availability of DDB material, which is known for its insoluble property, by utilizing SMEDDS method.

The result of the research has been patented, materialized hepatitis treatment ‘HEPAPHIL’ came onto the market, and it created a new horizon in material-designing method of insoluble materials. All the members of the KMS PHARM will keep working, and making endless efforts to realize national health and welfare until the day all diseases are eradicated from this world.

From CEO                        
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