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Aug. 2007 Selected as a moving in company in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex of North Korea.
Apr. 2007 began construction of Jecheon cGMP factory (land 39600 sqm, building area 13200 sqm)
2006 developed 10 items of generic products
2005 14 live products were launched
Sep. 2004 won the prime minister technology innovation award
Dec. 2003 won Gyunggi small & medium businessman technology award

(the director of the small & medium business administration)

Nov. 2003 won DDB materialization using SMEDDS technology award

(The Korean Society of Pharmaceutics) 

Dec. 2002

won the first award with HEPAPHIL soft capsule among top 100-excellent patented products


(ministry of commerce, industry and energy)

Jul. 2002 selected as small & medium business of promising export
Dec. 2001

won the 11th small & medium business top award


(field of technology development)

Nov. 2001 obtained INNO-BIZ business certificate (No. 1063-0720)
Aug. 2001 registered the patent right (No. 0306736)
Jul. 2001

selected as Gyeonggi-do promising small & medium business (No. 2001-003)

May. 2001

ISO9001 certification (CERT NO.: QAC.R82/0914)

Apr. 2001

made a technology transfer contract with Sungkyunkwan University

Apr. 2001

obtained venture business certificate (No. 2001162221-3001)

Dec. 2000

selected as the Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier business (No.'00-5)

Dec. 1999

KMS PHARM CO., LTD. affiliated central research institute certification (No. 992106)

Jul. 1997

KMS PHARM CO., LTD. incorporated

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